Buspar Shortage: This Is Unacceptable

I cannot believe that there is still a Buspar shortage. This is ridiculous! What are people like me supposed to do? I have had addiction problems with benzodiazepines in the past, so PRN drugs like klonopin and ativan are out. This was the only, non-addicting drug out there that I can take. This also isn’t a medication you can just stop without tapering down. I can’t believe that drug companies do this to people who desperately need this, and other life saving medication. The healthcare system in this country is so broken. Peoples lives and health shouldn’t be “for profit “, and people shouldn’t be reduced to numbers in a spreadsheet.

My psych recently changed my dosage of buspar, so I know if I have to go off it it is going to be a disaster. He dropped it from 30mg 2x a day to 15mg 3x a day. As soon as he did that I started having horrific PTSD memory nightmares that I couldn’t wake up from, so I went back to 30mg before bed. But after a few weeks with 15mg in the morning and afternoon my anxiety has ratcheted up. And when I start getting anxiety attacks, I become a mega bitch. My husband shouldn’t have to put up with me being a massive pain in the ass with an attitude problem. But anger is easier to deal with than anxiety. So I need to talk go my psych about putting me back on the 30mg twice a day. But how much longer do I have with this medication?

No one should have to ask that. No one should have to worry about medication they need being available or whether they can afford it. Health care shouldn’t be a privilege that only the rich can access. And pharmaceutical companies shouldn’t be able to price hike simply to pay for the CEO to buy their 4th beach house!

We need to start fixing this health care system. Fast.